5 Ideas for Kitchen Improvements

Many people believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is also the one with the most wear and tear which means that over time it is highly likely that it will have a need of improvement.

Any renovation increases significantly the value of your property and boosts its appeal. Many people believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is also the one with the most wear and tear which means that over time it is highly likely that it will have a need of improvement. Whether you are planning on selling your place and you want to do a full kitchen remodel, or you are just looking to upgrade it by adding some new items and fixing others, any improvement can make a huge impact on your property.

Here are some ideas for your kitchen renovation.

Countertop Upgrade

Countertops are probably one of the easiest parts of a kitchen to upgrade and will certainly improve its appearance. They are usually made of natural stone like granite and marble, concrete, stainless steel, wood like butcher’s block or bamboo, ceramic tile, laminate glass, and even porcelain. The materials prices vary in quality and prices and it is important to consider what you will be using your countertop for. For example, if you are used to placing hot pots and pans on top of the counter, the perfect choice for you would be a solid surface countertop. It is also important that your kitchen is measured by a certified designer or kitchen installer who will consider not only the material that is going to be used, but also the placement of the sink and number of holes required.

Cabinets and Cupboards

Similar to countertop, cabinets and cupboards are also one of the biggest targets when it comes to kitchen renovations. There is no need to replace the whole thing in order to give them a fresher look. Consider just repainting and replacing their fronts. This will instantly transform the look of your space, especially if you choose lighter or brighter colors. If you have solid wood cabinets and cupboards, you can even get your hands dirty and paint them yourself.


The options are unlimited when it comes to kitchen flooring – from hardwood and bamboo, to laminate and vinyl, to ceramic tiles. Although hardwood and bamboo flooring is appealing to many people, it has some disadvantages.  The kitchen is the space where you cook and there is often water and food flying around and for this reason wood flooring might not be the perfect option. After all, it is a well-known fact that wood does not react well with moisture. Thus, many kitchen designers recommend installing a floor that is waterproofed and more stain resistant. Although, laminate and vinyl floorings meet this requirement, homeowners usually avoid them saying they feel fake and are not good for a long term investment. Therefore, the most adequate choice seems to be installing ceramic tiles. They are extremely durable and resistant to water which makes it a favorite for homeowners. The only downside is that their upkeep is slightly more difficult.

Island Counters

In the last few years, island counters have become fashionable and have been gaining popularity, especially among people who own larger kitchens. They are appropriate both for modern and traditional kitchens. Also they are highly practical, offering space for people to gather around them and eat or to be used as space for meal preparation.  Kitchen islands are typically installed in the exact center of the room. They come in different designs – some have storage units included, others have wash and prep stations with a sink unit, built-in stove tops for cooking, and third have overhanging and moving counters for dining.


Lighting makes a huge difference in any room, especially the kitchen. You can update your kitchen lighting with just a few simple steps. The easiest one is to replace light switches. Also, consider replacing harsh fluorescent light with ambient light or recessed light. For example, recessed lighting offers a clean look and is really practical due to the fact that it can be used throughout the room space. It is ideal for counter tops and island bars, as well as for general lighting in open floor areas. You can also use it as task lighting. Task lighting can highlight in small fixtures counter areas, stove tops and other details of your kitchen. This is not that functional and is mostly used to increase visual interest and make the overall look of your kitchen more stylish and modern. Ambient lighting on the other hand serves as a substitute for natural lighting and is softer. Chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures are among the installations that provide ambient lighting.

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