How to prepare your beautiful garden for the winter

Part of the care of your yard and garden is the preparation for the winter and all its challenges. Autumn is beautiful and her warm October days are appropriate for this endeavor.

Part of the care for your yard and garden is the preparation for the winter season and all the problems it can cause. Autumn is beautiful season and its warm October days are appropriate time for this endeavor. October is the month when we should do everything we can to ensure the beauty and freshness of your yard again next spring and summer.

Both ourselves and your plants face the challenges of humidity and severe colds during the winter months. It is up to us to make the necessary effort and protect them.

In October we usually have the last lawn and we should not forget that the grass should not be either very low or high. If we leave it too low, it is threatened from the low temperatures that we never know when they will start. If we leave it higher, it will retain more moisture and it will cause mushrooms and other diseases. That is precisely why we always need to remove the cut grass immediately after mowing.

Collect the fallen leaves in your garden and yard

The beautiful leaf colors usually end up on the ground and one of the most typical duties of each gardener in the autumn is to collect the fallen leafs. A soft-toothed paddle is best suited for this purpose. Also a vacuum cleaner can be used to help collect the leafs. Vacuum cleaners for leafs actually exist and you can buy one from a shop or online. They are very practical for autumn garden care, because the leafs are collected and discarded and not piled up in piles that can stifle the grass and cause it to perish.

Aerating the grasshopper

If your lawn is more than 2 years old and especially if you have more clay soil in the yard, aeration is very important. Its purpose is to increase the flow of air into the grass and into the soil in depth. If the roots of your grass does not get enough oxigen, it will get sick. Moreover, when the soil is confined, it is very difficult to drain the rainwater. This leads to the appearance of fungal diseases on grass, which will make it yellow in color.

That is why it is important in October to provide enough air in the soil by aerating with a paddle or with a pitchfork to make holes in the soil.

Nowadays, there are also suitable machines that are much like a common lawn, whose purpose is precisely the aeration of the soil.

Mulching the lawn in your garden and yard

This is an activity we often miss, but it is quite important and advisable. Mulching is a scattering of soil on the grass in order to increase its resistance to cold.

Autumn fertilization of your garden and yard

Autumn fertilization is best done with phosphate and potassium fertilizers.

Nitrogen fertilizers are not recommended for fertilization in this season, because the high nitrogen content makes the grass susceptible to disease and cold, and that’s not exactly right for it during this period.

Protect your garden from strong winds

Strong cold winter winds are able to break the branches of the coniferous trees in the yard and it’s good idea to cut off the branches, which are not strong enough to survive during the winter period.

It is good idea to put barriers in front of the plans, wherever possible, to protect them from strong winds during the winter. These barriers should not stop the air completely, but only protect the plants from the winds. Good barriers against strong winds are bamboo mats, hedges, etc.

To avoid possible problems with your plants during the winter, your should be careful, where you plant them.

The preparation of your yard for winter is a laborious, but very pleasant and healthy activity for both you and your yard. It is a mandatory care that will pay you back in the spring with a beautiful yard and garden.

Spring, however, always comes with its first flowers, the bulbs of which must be planted in autumn. And this is done by observing the rule – the size of the bulb is equal to the depth of planting it requires. In the warm and beautiful autumn days you should take care of the first snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips. They will be your first incentives to create beauty and freshness in your yard.

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