Decking as a beautiful flooring for your yard

Decking is a very beautiful solution for your yard, making it very beautiful and comfortable to walk on.

The presence of a yard is the biggest and most valuable advantage when living in a house. That is why the yard, its design and exterior are of no less importance than the furnishing of the kitchen or the living room.

At the same time, if the furniture and flooring in the home are protected from moisture and harsh weather, the yard requires pavement and furniture to withstand sunlight, humidity and severe temperature differences. Therefore, it is important to choose materials and flooring that are beautiful and at the same time and weather resistant conditions.

There is already such a material in modern construction, that is easy to install and maintain and looks very cozy, because it is very different from standard cold cement or stone slabs. This is the so called decking, which looks a lot like hardwood flooring you might normally have in your living room, for example.

The decking becoming more and more popular with the contemporary designer furnishings of the yard.

What is decking?

Decking is made of very sturdy and resilient lamellas or plates that are specially mounted and form a kind of catwalk with incredible looks. The material is very sturdy and in the past has been used primarily for the decks of luxury ships. This by itself is evidence of practicality and robustness.

Decking floors can be of hardwood or so called WPC decking. The wooden types of decking are considerably more expensive because they are made from exotic trees such as eucalyptus, bamboo, papeau, teak, especially heat-treated ash, etc. Wooden decking boards are additionally impregnated to withstand any weather conditions and pouring water without causing rot or deformation. Decoration of hardwood is very beautiful and sturdy, but requires some kind of maintenance – at least twice a year, additional impregnation to preserve its original appearance.

WPC decking is a modern contemporary composite flooring that is a combination of polymers and wood. It is very beautiful and practical, and its main advantage is that it does not require specific maintenance. Natural wood particles are bonded through polymers that give strength to the boards. Typically, wood fibers are about 60 percent of the composition of WPC decking, being brazed by high density plastics. Thus, the decking boards, apart from being extremely strong and resistant to external conditions, are also very smooth and beautiful. They retain the aesthetic appearance of natural wood, reinforced with polyethylene plastic and yields more durability and strength. Additional ingredients are added to increase the life of the WPC decking. They do not require additional impregnation and maintenance with expensive lacquers.

In nowadays construction practices, WPC decking is one of the most desirable outdoor flooring solution for yards, squares, lining areas around pools, commercial premises, offices and even ports.

WPC decking is a very beautiful and sturdy exterior flooring solution that can make your yard of your house unique and it can be done for a very good price. And if you want to make the yard of your home as beautiful and cozy as your house interior, decking floor is the best choice.

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