The nursery room as your child’s personal area

Choosing which room in our home should be a child is an important decision that we should not just look at as mere distribution. There are many important factors that we need to be aware of.

Selecting a room in your home for your children is very important decision. There are many important factors that we need to be considered before making final decision about the nursery room. These are important factors not only for creating comfort, but also for the proper physical development of your children and the preservation of their health.

The first is its positioning. It is best to have a nursery room facing southeast or south and enough large windows – a total area of ​​not less than ¼ of the floor area. The lack of sufficient light and the compensation with an artificial one leads to damage to the eyes of your children. Incorrect and insufficient natural and artificial lighting in the nursery often leads to short sightedness in children. It is also essential to paint the walls, the ceiling, the floor and the furniture in the nursery room. Dark colors are not appropriate, because they reflect up to 25 percent of the light while the light reflect up to 90 percent. In addition, bright colors predispose positive emotions, stimulate child development, symbolize youth and strength.

Ivory shades color will have very good influence to your children mood, and the soft pigeon color of the walls normalizes blood pressure and improves overall health condition. At the same time, the brighter shades are more suitable for the development of the child’s imagination. The combination of two colored walls is a good choice because it creates a pleasant painting and breaks the monotony.

The child’s temperament does matter too. If it is a little more melancholy, you can decorate the walls with separate small bright shapes. Such color spots, which are tailored to the age and sex of the child, stimulate their activity. For the more affectionate children a gentle blue color of the walls is appropriate. In general, all tones of blue act to strengthen the body and stimulate the development of the child. The orange color, however beautiful and desired by children and parents, is better to be avoided.

When arranging the nursery room, we must consider make it so that the light comes from the left and does not blind the eyes. The bed should be in the warmest place in the room, and the area for playing or student’s desk should be to the right of the window so that the place is well illuminated.

The nursery room should be furnished so that all furniture are comfortable and accessible to the children. It is best if the children can participate in the furnishing in order to share their preferences and opinions. Of course, the final decision is always made by the parent. This acts as educational and stimulates self-reliance and sense of responsibility.

The nursery room is the place where the children spend the most time. This is their personal space and you should not underestimate its importance. Do your best to turn it into a unique and most favorite place for them, which will make both games and studing more fun. At the same time, according to the children’s physical characteristics, it will also give parents a sense of peace for their health and development.

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