Interior Stone Accent Ideas

Natural or faux stone veneer is one of the best ways to add some style and value or to just bring an unusual appearance to the interior of your house. Different interior stone accents are your shortcut to this.

Interior stone wall

One of the best ways to add some style, value or just bring an unusual appearance to the interior of your house, is to use natural or manufactured stone veneer to create interior stone accents in its rooms. Stone has been widely used for ages because of its undisputed qualities and beauty.

Manufactured stone is preferred because it is a strong, environmentally-friendly and aesthetic material. Using it you could easily and cost-effectively create a beautiful accent in your home. The main rule when decorating with stone is to follow the proportions. If you overdo the decorative elements, you risk the interior becoming too crowded or losing comfort due to the cool feeling that the stone sometimes brings. Always take into account the size of the room, its height, the presence of natural light and the style of the interior. Use the stone sparingly, and only as an accent.

Manufactured stone is durable, fire resistant, not susceptible to mold and mildew. It is available in a variety of patterns, shapes, textures and colors and is easily combined with other finishing materials such as wood, metal, glass, etc. It is also lightweight and does not load the wall.

As a disadvantage of stone cladding can be pointed out that some types are susceptible to moisture. Embossed patterns are also difficult to clean. Quality stones also have a relatively high price.

How to use stone in the interior?

Accent wall

With the help of artificial stone you can create a beautiful and interesting accent wall in any room. It will stand out and attract attention, and will breathe life and uniqueness into the room.

Arch cladding

To give the arch an original look, line it with decorative stone. Thus, it visually separates one part of the room from the other and determines the individual areas.

Fireplace cladding

Another interior element that you can decorate with stone is the fireplace. The heat of the fire balances the cold appearance of the stone and the two elements complement each other perfectly.

Kitchen backsplash

Your kitchen will definitely look elegant and artistic, decorated with artificial stone. However, it is important that the stone is coated with special solutions that prevent the penetration of moisture and grease.


Definitely an unusual and bold decision is to “dress” the ceiling with stone. The room will acquire a mysterious and cool look. The stone ceiling would be suitable for a villa or suburban house in a rustic or chalet style, or for a basement.


Another architectural element that can be emphasized with the help of stone are the columns. Do not look at them as a disadvantage, but give them charm and elegance by cladding them with marble, granite or onyx.

Bar counter or kitchen island

The stone bar counter or kitchen island will definitely draw attention to itself and will become the focus of the room.

Parts of the wall

If you want to give your room an artistic and stylish look, clad only certain parts of its walls with stone. For the rest of the area, choose solid, neutral colors and textures.

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