Color Palettes or How to Combine Colors to Achieve Coziness and Comfort in Your Home

Knowing the impact of colors is extremely important when doing a home renovation or improvement. It is vital to learn how colors create an atmosphere, an illusion of space, depth, warmth or light.

Knowing the impact of colors is extremely important when doing a home renovation or improvement. It is vital to learn how colors create an atmosphere, an illusion of space, depth, warmth or light.

Color is one of the most interesting phenomena on earth. From the beginning of human history, people have used it to mark their territory or to decorate the space around them. Color is a powerful tool – it can revive and refresh the old space in any home, change the mood and lift the spirit. Different cultures around the world give different meanings to one or another color. The color can be passionate and sensual, but it can also be soothing and contemplative.

The home is more than just a roof over your head. Our homes have changed radically compared to the past. Housing today has a variety of functions. Homes should provide joy, protection, rest, peace, inspiration and warmth to all who enter them.

The color can significantly change any space in the home. The possibilities for doing this are almost limitless and the skillful use of colors allows changes to be made in both traditional and modern homes. Pale and light colors can instantly refresh the outdated interior, creating a feeling of clean, bright and voluminous space. Saturated colors, such as ruby ​​or emerald green, create a cozy and intimate, pleasant atmosphere.

The colors in the home cannot be changed as often as we change our clothes, so it is especially important what colors we choose. Knowledge of colors will help you choose the right one so that your choices fit your lifestyle and meet your personal and emotional needs. For example, many choose to mix the modern with the traditional by using contrasting elements such as the pale colors of the water with flashy, neon-orange highlights or decorating French furniture with small details of metal or bright plastic.

Using paint is the simplest and cheapest way to completely change and refresh any space in the home. Never before has there been such great variety in the choice of colors for paints, wallpapers, furniture and fabrics. This gives us the opportunity to express our own design abilities. However, with all these options out there, the choice of colors for the home can confuse and frighten both the amateur and the professional decorator. Many paint manufacturers boast that they can get virtually any color, which gives amazing opportunities. But how do we decide which is the perfect shade?

Choosing the right color scheme for the room can change the boring living space into a stylish interior. Taken on time, these decisions can be important because you will not only impress your friends and family, but you will also raise the price of your real estate. Therefore, both theoretical knowledge and inspiration are needed to give you the necessary confidence to use the full potential of colors.  For instance, the color of lavender becomes warmer next to the fiery orange and bright purple color. Boldly used patterns are the surest way to give a finished look to a hospitable interior. On the other hand, a soft pumpkin color of the walls is enhanced by the additional accents of colors from the same color family (orange and gold colors).

Before filling the space with colors, you need to consider a number of factors. Modest practical knowledge and creative inspiration can help you a lot to make the right choice. When choosing colors for your home, ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of this room? Who uses this room the most? What time of day will this room be used the most? How much daylight does it get? What important architectural details are present in it? What furniture is or will be in the room? What colors will dominate in the other rooms? What feelings and emotions do you want to invest in this interior? Remember the answers to these questions and keep them in mind. Very soon you will be able to find your perfect color scheme for your room.

Some of the advices that experts give are to use colors and patterns that you really like, even when they are somewhat unfamiliar and eccentric. Lighting is also important. Try to provide more natural light in the room with large windows, glazed doors and light-colored walls. On the contrary, creating a pleasant atmosphere in dark corners requires using soft lighting and warm colors such as red and orange. Last but not least, consider using bold colors like extreme blue, green, or pink. The radiance of any interior will be enhanced when an unexpected color accent appears in it.

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