New Energy in Your Home with Feng Shui

When you are wondering how to optimize your life with Feng Shui, to make your home more cozy, not only for yourself but also for family and friends, you might find it extremely difficult.

When you are wondering how to optimize your life with Feng Shui, to make your home more cozy, not only for yourself but also for family and friends, you might find it extremely difficult. Compasses, Ba-gua map, calculations of directions – favorable and unfavorable, geomagnetic fields, flying stars, etc. It looks as if many terms and a lot of hard work are required. However, you can also find that there are easier solutions available to anyone who doesn’t have time or doesn’t particularly believe in Feng Shui.

Feng shui is associated with many interesting theories about the effects of stones and minerals, colors, and aromas. All of this art can be applied to our everyday lives. Feng Shui (wind and water) is everywhere in our home. Spring cleaning, window washing, repairing running faucets, disposing regularly of unnecessary, broken objects and appliances, even incense or other fragrant herbs – all these are practices for clearing bad energy, attracting new, positive and retaining it.

Furthermore, different activities like sewing and knitting also add to the energy of your home. Decorating with items made with love and thought are the best gift you can give to your home. Same goes for adding framed photos in prominent places in the home or trophies, diplomas, expensive travel souvenirs. The preserved moments when you were happy somewhere or with someone always bring smiles and pleasant memories. This gives confidence, self-confidence and awakens a desire for new such moments.

Another thing to consider adding to your home is a fireplace. Fire symbolizes the passion and urge to live, while also adding a certain romantic feel to the atmosphere. The flickering of the flame awakens hidden energy and fills your home with calm and coziness.

The first thing that you come home to is the entrance. The space in front of it should not be cluttered. The front door is the mouth of the house – positive energy enters there, so it must be able to open freely and unhindered and enter the home.  The entrance hall is the first impression of our home – it should be spacious and well lit, radiate friendliness and welcome visitors inside. The mirror right in front of the door is not a good idea – so the energy that has just entered is quickly expelled.

Moving on to the kitchen – the most important room and the center of home comfort. It should be both comfortable and functional. The space has to be well lid, cleaned and maintained.  According to feng shui, when we cook, we put our energy into the food. Therefore, it is important that the kitchen is designed in a way that is both convenient and brings you joy. The dining area is also very important – it is good for the table to be rounded, massive, and to radiate stability, because it symbolizes the unity of the family that gathers around it.

The living room is a place to rest – upholstered furniture should be with a high back or attached to a wall so that you get the feeling of security when you rest. The new trends for corner sofas are a good solution if we want to not feel divided while relaxing or having guests. Armchairs, in contrast, are ideal for curling up with a book, for example. Moreover, modern lighting fixtures help to skillfully divide the room into different zones.

The bedroom is a room of special importance, given the time we spend sleeping and relaxing. It is the most intimate place in the home and deserves special attention. In order for your sleep to be peaceful, you must have visibility to the entrance of the room, because otherwise even at the slightest noise you will stress. The mirror directly opposite the bed is one of the biggest taboos. If we happen to wake up at night and see a moving silhouette in the twilight, it will not guarantee us a peaceful sleep. According to feng shui, while sleeping a person is defenseless, so the bedroom should be optimally cleaned of objects, appliances and any interference. Only in this way will we wake up full of energy for the new day.

The bathroom and toilet are the most problematic, not only in terms of feng shui. Changes are the most difficult there. Energy runs out in this room, so it is good to close the lid of the toilet bowl, and the bathroom itself to be well lit and activated.

The bottom line is that feng shui is mostly the intuition we have about the space we are in. You do not need to follow the books to change or renovate your home so that you feel comfortable, protected and calm. Feng Shui is full of ideas for attracting love, money, fame, knowledge, good luck, health, etc. Whether you believe in the benefits of feng shui or not, it is not difficult to renovate or

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