The New Vacation Is At Home! Transform Your Terrace into an Exotic and Relaxing Destination

Returning from a summer vacation, most people nostalgically recall the beautiful places they visited. Ideas to arrange your terrace or garden and transform it into your preferred destination for relaxation.

Returning from a summer vacation, most people nostalgically recall the beautiful places they visited, the sunny beaches, the picturesque terraces or the quiet towns where time seems to have stopped. It is always hard to return to your daily routine after your vacation has ended. Most people find that the souvenirs that they have returned with don’t really help them relive the moments of the holiday. But what if they returned home and found in the garden or on the terrace a piece of the atmosphere of their favorite destination? Of course, this will not be like the distant island or sunny city they have visited, but it will still remind them of the carefree days. Here are some ideas to arrange your terrace or garden and transform it into your preferred destination for relaxation.


Santorini is one of the most popular group of islands in Greece. This magical place is famous for its white houses with blue roofs overlooking the sea. And although there are volcanic islands and vegetation is scarce, this does not make them a less desirable destination. In this Greek tale there is a Mediterranean design with white furniture and tones in cream and navy blue. If this is your dream destination, arrange your garden with a table, bench and chairs made of solid wood and painted white. Arrange the set with garden cushions in blue, as well as with glass lanterns.


If you prefer a vacation on the Mediterranean coast, but at the same time do not want to be separated from the atmosphere of the big city, Barcelona is the right destination. This is a place of contrasts – a rich history and a lot of life. You will be captivated by the iconic Gothic buildings, the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan center with modern buildings, small cobbled streets with palm trees at the edges, restaurants full of life, not to mention the best sangria, artists on every corner and perhaps delicious food on the street.

A terrace set combined with greenery pots, as well as with a stool with geometric patterns, will turn your favorite place to relax into a small copy of the terraces from Barcelona. Contrast – one of the characteristic elements of this city, is a fundamental part of the arrangement. The wooden floor and rustic lanterns will complement the modern set of furniture, whether it is wooden or made of plastic.


When we think of Tuscany, we imagine huge fields of vines as far as the eye can see, narrow streets with small balconies full of flowers, stone houses with wooden windows, medieval towns and olive groves.

Tuscany is for those of you who appreciate tranquility, a simple lifestyle and small romantic spaces. In this area the restaurants do not have more than 3-4 tables and in most cases are family businesses. Unlike the impressive monuments, everything is small- the streets, the balconies, the houses.

A small friendly balcony with wooden floors, arranged with many pots and greenery, will make you feel like in Tuscany. You can pick out a set with folding table and chairs made of steel and PVC rattan.


Miami on the other hand is for those of you who love luxury, modernism, the noise of the big city and parties. Everything there is relatively new. It was not until the 1920s that Miami began to develop rapidly. Due to its subtropical climate, it is one of the most popular summer destinations for US residents. A city where the fun doesn’t stop, and after work you head to the beach, where the parks are full of palm trees and the atmosphere is permeated with Latin rhythms.

The style of the houses in Miami is modern and minimalistic. The windows are huge and the geometric shapes dominate. To create your perfect Minami terrace you can arrange your space with modern-looking steel chairs and a minimalist table. Consider adding throw pillows to create a more colorful and cheerful atmosphere.


In the Scandinavian countries, due to the fact that summer there is short, the people take every opportunity and spend as much time as possible outside, in the garden or on the terrace. In the warmer months, they even replace the living room with an open space. Although the summer there is much shorter, Denmark remains an attractive holiday destination, as you will not encounter extreme temperatures here and the days are longer. During your holiday in Denmark, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy Danish design, known worldwide for its innovation and practicality.

When it comes to arranging the space, Denmark prefers natural materials and neutral colors. To achieve a Scandinavian design of the terrace, use sofas, armchairs, and tables in cream colors. For example, the tables could be made from aluminum and PVC rattan, while the chairs could have solid hardwood legs and plastic seats. Consider also placing lanterns and a lot of solar lamps which will add to the atmosphere.

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