A Stone Wall in the Living Room – Some Ideas

An interior stone wall can look great, modern and stylish in any room, as long as it is carefully considered and implemented.

accent stone wall, brick wall

Stone wall panels, brick wall panels

Most of you may think that choosing a stone wall as an accent in the living room is an option that is only suitable for large and luxurious rooms, but this is simply not true. An interior stone wall can look great, modern and stylish in any room in which it is placed (even in the bathroom), as long as it is carefully considered and implemented.

The stone decoration gives the feeling that you are close to nature and has an aesthetically pleasing effect. If you want a modern and stylish living room, consider making a stone wall in the living room. There are many different ways to get such an eye-catching stone accent in your living space. The interior stone walls do not need any special care after installation, as they do not require almost any maintenance, and as another plus, the veneer gives additional insulation to the wall.

If you are a fan of DIY projects and have the necessary skills and knowledge, you can create a unique stone wall by yourself. Today, the market offers an extremely wide variety of interior and exterior stone cladding in all possible styles, shapes and colors. You can choose between manufactured stone veneer, natural stone cladding, large sized decorative tiles and panels, decorative bricks and many more.

A great option in this case would be if you use cement slabs, which you can break into smaller pieces and then mount on the wall, with an original design. Another great design that you can apply in your living room is to use large stone tiles or pieces for your stone wall. If you want to incorporate a rustic style into your house, then using natural colored large stones can also be an option. For a great looking living room you can use the so-called natural slate stones. These are elegant-looking natural colored stones that can be placed on top of each other to give your living room a regal feel. If you are a fan of natural stones and have a more serious budget, you can use granite slabs, which is guaranteed to get a stunning effect. These stone slabs are usually available in a darker color, ideal for bright and spacious living rooms.

For those of you who want to create a wide stone wall in the living room, it is worth considering the use of veneer. These stones can be combined with other building materials such as cement and concrete, to give the walls of your living room greater durability.

As not all people are DIY project masters, in such cases it would be wise to find experienced professionals who know what and how to do. All you have to do is assess what you want, how you want it, visualize it, and from there the professionals know their job – a stone wall by special order. Such a decorative wall in your living room will make a serious statement. If you want to bring a complete turnaround in the overall feeling and vision of your living room, then you definitely need a non-standard stone wall.

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