What is Polymer Stone Siding and its Advantages?

The polymer stone siding is a relatively new product on the market which shows many advantages. It is also completely recyclable.

Polymer stone siding house in winter

Polymer stone siding and polymer wood siding house in snow

The polymer stone siding is a relatively new product on the market which shows many advantages. It is light, but dense, it is resistant to high temperatures, retains its original shape in almost all conditions, and the production process allows you to accurately mimic the appearance of other materials such as natural stone.

The siding panels are made of polypropylene resin. They are formed by injecting the molten mixture into the appropriate molds, which give it the desired shape in three dimensions. After the product was introduced to the market in the mid-90s of the last century, technology has been constantly evolving, which allows polymer siding to better resemble the texture, color and shape of the desired natural material – wood, stone, etc.

Polymer siding resembling stone – polymer stone siding – is becoming increasingly popular and is used both for complete exterior or interior wall cladding, and for single stone accents on the facade or interior of buildings.

It is starting to replace the popular vinyl siding, as it not only better resembles the desired natural materials, but is also about twice as dense, which makes it more resistant to weathering and mechanical impacts and deformations. This means that with the same thickness, polymer siding is twice as strong as classic vinyl siding. During its installation it is not necessary to overlap the individual panels, which over time becomes more visible and makes the whole structure more unstable in strong winds.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the production of polymer stone siding is more environmentally friendly than most other cladding products, and is also completely recyclable.

The polymer siding panels allow extremely fast and simple installation without wet processes and drying time. Installation in the general case does not require any specific competence, and the low weight allows it to be placed on virtually any structure as a base. This drastically reduces the execution time and costs compared to, for example, decorative plaster.

The virtually unlimited possibilities for giving a certain texture and color to polymer siding make it a particularly desirable option, as it allows easy integration into a variety of styles and designs, including its use as the main focus of the building or to emphasize individual details – accent walls, columns, etc.

Another major advantage of polymer stone siding is that it requires virtually no maintenance. Modern products are so durable and of such high quality that they do not change their appearance for decades, even when used outdoors and are constantly exposed to sun, rain, wind and variable temperatures.

Thanks to these many advantages, polymer stone siding is constantly gaining popularity and is becoming an increasingly sought after option for complete cladding of facades or for individual accents. The development of technological processes for its production and the ever-improving appearance and quality of products further contribute to its growing popularity among building owners.

Of course, like anything in this world, along with the many advantages described above, polymer siding has its drawbacks. It is currently a more expensive option than the ordinary vinyl siding, comes in fewer insulation options, and is generally offered by fewer material suppliers and therefore is more difficult to find.

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